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    Hello and welcome to EyePhi.com My name is Birol Koc (Bizza) and I am the founder and developer of EyePhi. I officially launched this site on 09/09/2009, and…

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      You can contact me using this form and I will try my best to reply to your email a.s.a.p.

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      Stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments on EyePhi.com. This section is constantly updated as a web-log of all changes made accross the EyePhi.com…

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      Visitors to EyePhi.com from all around the world can be viewed on this global map.

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      Privacy Policy for EyePhi.com At www.eyephi.com we really dislike "spam" and in particular; when there's a mistrust of members identities. The privacy of…

  • BizZarre! 

    This is a fantastic collection of some amazing photos of crop circles. It's a bizarre universe we live in! Courtesy of BertJanssen.nl I will get more…

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    The EyePhi.com Forums. Discuss and share topics of interest.

    • Forum2 (1st forum) 

      A forum where you can have discussions on topics that intrigue anyone. Paranormal, Mysteries, Science, Religion, Politics, Personal Experiences and more

  • OneEye 

    For all related information about this amazing (yet weird) graph I found - OneEye (1i) - in our times table. Please read the following related articles: My…

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    Link Directory Each link here at EyePhi have their own relevance and each adhering to our "Sensible S.E.O." policy. View some of the best web sites and links…

  • Space 

    Read the latest articles & news on Space & Astronomy. Ancient Life On MARS? – Real Scientific Evidence. View the most amazing images of…

  • Phi Φ - The Golden Ratio 

    An introduction to the Phi Ratio Φ, The Golden Ratio, The Divine Proportion.

    • The History of Phi & The Golden Ratio 

      The Golden Ratio - Phi - is known by many other names such as; The Golden Section, Golden Number, Golden Mean, Golden Proportion, Golden Rectangle, Golden…

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