Hello and welcome to EyePhi.com

My name is Birol Koc (Bizza) and I am the founder and developer of EyePhi.

I officially launched this site on 09/09/2009, and for good reason; the number 9 has everything to do with this!

This site is dedicated to two amazing discoveries I made after this ‘one peculiar night‘, from early November-2004 onwards. The first being the discovery of a weird graph I named OneEye (or 1i),


and the second being my re-discovery of the mathematical phenomenon named “Phi”… not “Pi”, but “Phi”! Never heard of it before? Well… most of you probably haven’t. And if you have, you would have been taught about the ‘derivatives’ of Phi, such as; “The Golden Ratio”, “The Divine Proportion”, or the “Fibonacci Series”, to name a few. This special ratio is found in almost everything in our Universe, including the make-up of ourselves! More on this wonderful ratio will be published in my Phi pages over time, but for now here is a piece of my latest work.

EyePhi.com was first launched on September the 9th 2009. The reason being, is because of the number 9, after a close friend (Fred Rouda) made me aware about the weird properties this number displays, by asking me one simple question; a question that triggered something deep inside my mind. As a consequence of this awareness, coupled with my insatiable curiosity, it eventually led me to the discovery of a perplexing graph of an eye found in our times-tables. That’s right… a graph of an eye… found right in the times-tables! As you may be able to see from the image above, I have (aptly) named it “OneEye”, for obvious reasons.

If you think that’s weird, then you should read what followed after my discovery of OneEye. Especially the 1st month after it! It really was an amazing time for me both spiritually and educationally. After you’ve read at least a few of my posts and then sat back thinking about it… think back to how it all started. It was one question about one number! And that’s how the golden spiral of Human enlightenment begins! hmmmm annnnyway! 🙄


The Aim of EyePhi

I aim to turn this site into a collage of my own personal knowledge, experiences, thoughts and opinions on just about anything really. I aim to make it entertaining, dynamic, interactive and thought provoking as much as possible for my visitors. My main aim though, is for EyePhi to become one of the best sources of information on this irrational (yet most rational) ratio PHI (1.618…) and at the fringe of knowledge that spawns from this topic. That’s how BIG it is!

I will also delve into other areas of interest such as; crop circles, unexplained mysteries & phenomenas, science news & education, philosophical & epistemological views, and much more over time. I’m pretty much open to any discussion on any topic. I won’t hold back, don’t worry! But I’m very fair! I urge you to participate in discussions by leaving any comments you like to any of my articles or posts, or perhaps start your own posts in our new EyePhi Forum (currently undergoing a revamp – link will be provided soon)? Feel free to make any comments or suggestions. It would be highly appreciated :). Registration is free and your privacy is kept very confidential (I hate spam too). So please bookmark this site or add it to your RSS Feed, fav’s list… whatever… however… just stay tuned! 😉

Sit back, relax, open your mind and let go of your personal biasness (however slight it may be) for just a moment, and let’s enjoy the many weird, bizarre, beautiful & wonderful facets of our world, our universe and ourselves… together! 🙂

Speaking of “The Universe”… there’s an awesome section of pictures, photos and videos on the more bizarre aspects of our Universe. Really BizZarre stuff!

There is also another section to EyePhi and that is the new EyePhi Directory. Here, our users can search for useful sites highly relevant to what they’re looking for. For all web-masters, we invite you to our Link Exchange program. If you want to advertise on EyePhi.com please send me your request and I will look into it.


I am also happy to announce that my story has been published in a book in the U.S. called “I AM MINE” (by Mark E. Rawden) and can be purchased from Amazon via this link:

If you have any questions or feedback, or you think you could help EyePhi.com become a better site by becoming an author or a contributor, please contact me via this simple contact form. If for some reason this doesn’t work, then email: info(at)eyephi.com.

I hope you enjoy EyePhi.com as much as I have had developing it since September 2009. It’s been a short time, but I must say; I am more humbled by the level of support and encouragement given so far by some very devoted subscribers, whom come by frequently. I thank you and I wish you good health and happiness in your life-journey. 😀

Kindest Regards,


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