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  • Bizza (11 years)

    More additions will be posted by the 3rd year anniversary of (09.09.2012). There will also be a special section for those interested in the Mayan 2012 calendar and “supposed” prophecies. Please stay tuned and apologies for the long absence. Selam.

  • Bizza (12 years)

    As I was almost finished with the next chapter – “Who are the followers of Dajjal?” – the database on my server went crazy and deleted most of my work. I have now had to re-do the entire post. Sorry for the delay, it will be up soon, along with the new “Phi in Science & Mathematics” pages… so stay tuned. 😉

  • Bizza (12 years)

    “Phi in Science & Mathematics” will be published within 5 days folks!

  • Bizza (12 years)

    “Phi in Science & Mathematics” is almost complete. Due to the in-depth nature of the topic it’s taking a little more time than I thought, but it will cover everything you will need to know and more than most sites out there. 😉

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