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Each link here at EyePhi have their own relevance and each adhering to our “Sensible S.E.O.” policy. View some of the best web sites and links in the world. They’re of very high quality and with content relevant to the topics mentioned on (site-wide). Each link is manually reviewed (as meticulously as possible) before being listed in the directory. So now you can browse feeling comfortable knowing that every site you visit is humanly reviewed and is therefore, an EyePhi approved site. 😀


“Sensible S.E.O.” Link Exchange Program

If you are a web-master, advertiser or publisher, please feel free to submit your site for a possible immediate listing via our Link Exchange Program. At EyePhi, we believe in conducting ourselves with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and respect for all our visitors, members and partners alike. By partnering with us, we both stand to benefit in more ways than one. Some of the main benefits we could see are:

  • Enhanced user experience by providing our users with high quality and highly relevant links to what they are actually looking for. This equates to high customer return rates and very low bounce rates.
  • Possibly increasing our trust in not only the eyes of our visitors, but also in the eyes of the best search engines and review sites on Earth.

That’s why we believe in conducting ourselves in “Sensible S.E.O. campaigns, methods, models, and link exchanges, in order to make this possible. And that’s why it’s our Directory motto too! 🙂

Future additions coming soon to our “Sensible S.E.O.” Directory:

  • Edu-Link Directory
  • Advertiser – For those of you who owns or runs a website could appreciate just how hard it is to find a good advertising platform. EyePhi will soon have a wonderful array of advertising channels and marketing solutions for you to choose from, whatever your advertising needs or budget may be.
  • Publisher – For any of you whom wants to offer ad space and make money from your website(s)

Please contact us regarding any other questions, requests or suggestions via our contact form. Thanks!

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