Apologies to those that have tried to register or login on the New Forum. It seems like it won’t allow anyone to login or register there (including myself). This is because the installation files have been removed somehow (?). It’s a good thing I backed up the files (a lesson I learned from past mistakes!). I am currently in the process of getting this fixed and will keep you updated on any new developments here and on the EyePhi Wall.

You may have noticed there are two forums here at EyePhi; the 1st Forum is integrated within the site’s WordPress theme, and then there’s the new EyePhi Forum which is run by a separate program called phpBB. They’re essentially the same thing, although the 1st forum is a bit delayed when posting and has less features and functions than the new forum. Although the integrated forum automatically registers users and saves time. Unfortunately, I will have to get rid of one of them and I decided on the 1st forum. I will delete the files soon after I transfer the existing posts to the phpBB program.

In the meantime, please feel free to register here on the main site, or when the forum is up, you may decide to register at the new EyePhi Forum and get involved! It’s all new so here’s a great chance to immortalize yourself as ‘one of the first to be heard’ by telling us your point of view.

Thanks 😀

Bizza ::

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