Hello and thank you for visiting my new site (www.EyePhi.com). After 5 years of contemplation, I have now decided to share my findings with you all regarding two mathematical discoveries I made since ‘this one peculiar night’ in November 2004, after a close friend asked me one simple question about the number 9. What followed was a journey like no other! Of the two discoveries;  one is the graph of an eye in our times tables, and the other being the rediscovery of the mathemagical ratio Phi (1.618…). These discoveries have changed my view on the world so much so, that I am currently writing a book about them and my experiences, as well as dedicating this site just for it, aptly named “EyePhi”.

For most of you visiting here for the first time; you will probably want to find out more about these discoveries – “OneEye” & “Phi” – and to some, you may already know what these are (or at least heard of one of them) and want to learn more perhaps? Or maybe you are just highly curious and want to learn something new and fresh? Then this is the site for you!

I hope you enjoy this site as time goes on because I intend to not only feed your curiosity, but to also make you all aware of certain things in life, of which, most of you may not have been aware of before, but is actually everywhere! These “things” will be explained in detail and become more evident as I update this site over time.

To begin, I now present to you all “OneEye”, or mathematically I call it ““1i”.

I discovered the graph “OneEye” in November 2004 after graphing ‘certain numbers in our times tables’ using MS-Excel (a great program). I won’t go into detail as to the how, yet… but I do promise I will as soon as you see the graph first. Please be aware that this graph is NOT like those 3D puzzle pictures (like MagicEye etc), nor is it meant to distort your vision, so don’t go squinting your eyes. Just sit back, relax, look at it from all angles and try to see if you can make out other images other than the obvious One Eye? You may be surprised what one can make out from such a simple graph. Just a note, I’m  also fully aware of pareidolia, and that one can make out images from clouds or a grainy wall.

“What this graph means” to me is another thing and it may not be evident to most of you at first (if any at all), as it is to me now. But as I said, it will all be revealed as you read the posts one by one in sequence (this is important). Also remember that it is my own personal view that resulted in a culmination of many “weird occurrences” the year following this discovery. It may frustrate some of you, but due to its importance, I feel the need to ‘drip-feed’ you all, so please accept my apologies in advance. All will be explained soon after you see this first…

And for the first time… here is“OneEye”

Now onto the weirdness …

If you are interested in reading further about these discoveries, you can read the articles posted under the OneEye section:


Author:  Birol Koc.