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Ancient Life On MARS? – Real Scientific Evidence.


“UnNatural” Structures on Mars

The following article is about the possibility of life existing on Mars; be it now, or in the past. The evidence I have provided are from very credible sources. In fact, they’re straight from the ‘horses mouth’! But first, I thought I’d mention that I do not believe there are U.F.Os. or extraterrestrial beings observing us (other than Jinns). However, I do not discount the possibility of life existing in our solar system (either: bacterial, microbial, or deep-sea dwelling creatures). Just not intelligent beings. However, I do believe there may be in other worlds in far away star systems; whether they’re intelligent or not. In fact, I’m a big believer in this theory. I just don’t believe we (or other E.Ts) are capable of contact, no matter how advanced we all are. My belief has a lot to do with the distance between each other, rather than technological advancements. But this is for discussion in another post perhaps. Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand, here is some background information on the company that takes most of the pictures we see of Mars.

The Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS) designs, builds, and operates space camera systems for government and commercial aerospace customers [such as N.A.S.A. and the J.P.L.]. Three deep space cameras built by Malin Space Science Systems are currently operating in orbit around Mars. Three additional MSSS cameras are presently imaging the Moon from an orbital altitude of just 50 km. MSSS instruments have operated in deep space for a total of more than 220,000 hours and have returned more than 500,000 images. [source]

Of the hundreds of thousands of images captured by MSSS cameras, a few have raised the eyebrows of many in the scientific community. They have not only raised eyebrows, but have been the cause of many conspiracy theories; of cover-ups; and the like. They are so intriguing that the heads of the U.S. military have made their own investigations and presentations. In saying this, I now present the following video (from YouTubeTM) which contains images of monolithic structures on the planet Mars and was taken by the MSSS cameras themselves and anyone can access the MSSS site archives.

The commentator is the former Chief Astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory – Dr. Tom Van Flandern (PhD). The presentation took place way back in 2001 at the Hotel New Yorker. I haven’t really looked into what happened since this presentation. This is not just about the image “Face on Mars” taken by the Viking craft. It has further… more mysterious images that may be beyond ‘natural happenstance’. Watch the whole video because it goes into the probability of something like this happening naturally in the Universe, and you may just be gob-smacked… as I was!

Pretty startling to say the least!

Now I want to show you my own investigations into some bizarre images I found on the MSSS site archives. Bear in mind, that this is my initial research into this and is not elaborate in any scientific way, yet. But I may look into this further if I have the time. Until then, tell me…

what do you see in these pictures?

Images courtesy of NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems

(The authors acknowledge the use of Mars Orbiter Camera images processed by Malin Space Science Systems that are available at

To be continued...

My Thoughts On OneEye


Hello to everyone and thank you for your patience regarding the posting of this very important section. After much thought, I have decided to let you all know what my thoughts are on my discovery of OneEye and what it “may” mean (for me anyway).

Please remember that these are my own personal experiences & views and is not intended to reflect anyone else’s experiences & views whatsoever. I’d also like to clarify that I am usually of sound judgment and my approach to anything in life is usually one with pure objectiveness, logic and strict scrutiny, but also holding an open mind to theories that are sound in logic, or justifiable using empirical evidences and reliable sources to support it.

I’m also fully aware that one can make out images of just about anything when looking at the clouds, or even from a grainy wall. The term often used for these kinds of perspective interpretations is called “pareidolia”. I do not think that this is the case, especially after what I went though. It was just way too weird to put it down to just “happenstance”!

“The Epiphany”

After a year of introspection, bewilderment, exponential learning curves with bizarre experiences, which lead from my discovery of this weird graph (“OneEye”); it dawned upon me one day, that everything I had learned and experienced was all for a reason. And a mighty BIG reason too!

What did my discovery of “OneEye”, the mathematical ratio PHI, and my spiritual beliefs have to do with all this?

Well, it dawned upon me one night when I was looking at OneEye once again, when I had a sudden epiphany, where all my knowledge, all that I had learned in that year, coupled with my experiences, flashed in my mind in a split second. That moment was truly one of the most daunting experiences I have ever experienced. This was to me, a personal message from Allah, about something far beyond the scope I had already learned.

I believe, whole-heartedly, that this was a warning and a reminder from Allah (swt), to me personally (at least). That the ultimate message was (and still is) a reminder and a warning;

  • Of the imminent arrival of the Anti-Christ (Dajjal). The ‘one-eyed one’, yet a non-cycloptic man. The biggest liar and the most evil of all creations. The false messiah.
  • The Dajjal will come (falsely) in peace and “dazzle” the whole world with his knowledge, charm and amazing talents (i.e. musically, artistically, financially, medically, scientifically etc.)
  • He will represent all walks of life and all denominations, but later convince even the most ‘hardened believers’ that ‘their own religions were wrong, by presenting strong cases for this. Eventually, he will announce his own religion.
  • That he will ultimately reveal his evil intent and declare himself a prophet and then later, a god; via illusionary effects, false promises and empty gifts.
  • He will rule the world with a ‘system’ in place, both prior and during his presence.
  • His arrival will be “prepared” due to the application and implications of this “system” (which is of great importance to us all right now!), and then welcomed by “certain groups of people” whom are very aware of all this, and know exactly what is needed to be accomplished before his appearance. These people will use (amongst many other techniques); an ancient “craft” which has been very effective in manipulating and controlling the masses.

But he (and his followers) will be defeated, as promised by Allah (swt), so don’t fear folks! Our saviours will be two men;

  1. The Mahdi – the “rightly guided” one, whom will know how the Dajjalic-system works and will instill justice, abolish certain taxes and usury (financial interest), as well as reuniting the Islamic world).
  2. Isaa – (may Allah be pleased with him) – Jesus, son of Maryam (may Allah be pleased with her) – Mother Mary. He will personally kill the Dajjal, as only he can.

I will try to elaborate on all the above points and who our saviors will be without getting too in-depth, yet outlining the crux of the main topics. I will also try to show how there is a deep similarity between Muslims and Christians in this belief, but also the differences.

I also find it my duty as a Muslim to be observant and respectful of all the major holy scriptures that our Creator has bestowed upon us; the Tevrat (Torah handed down to Moses (pbuh)), Zebur (Psalms handed down to Davud (pbuh)), Injiil (Gospels pertaining to the life of Isaa (pbuh) through the Apostles), and the noble Qur’an handed down to Mohammad (pbuh)).

Over the next chapters, I will provide extracts from the sources of my study and for you all to see what I have learned along the way. It is, in effect, a connexion to all that is important to me as a person, and I aim to make you all aware of certain “elements” in our world, of which you may, or may not be aware of.

So here is a list of the pages/posts I have prepared, that relate to what I mentioned above, and much more:

Chapter 1.     What Does Islam Say About The Dajjal (Anti-Christ)?

Chapter 2.     What Does Christianity Say About The Anti-Christ?

Chapter 3.     Who Are The Followers Of Dajjal?

Chapter 4.     What Does The PHI Ratio Have To Do With This?

Chapter 5.     The Arrival Of Dajjal (The False Messiah).

Chapter 6.     The Arrivals of The Mahdi and Isaa (a.s).

Chapter 7.     My Conclusion.

I will hopefully post these chapters one by one, or all at once, depending on the time I have. I may even add a chapter or two in-between to highlight the Jewish view on all this also. It would be highly appreciated if anyone could let me know if you pick up on any errors or omissions. Any additions or commentary are also very welcome.

A special thanks goes out to the “mysterious” Everchanging for all his help, interest and contributions to

Thank you all for your time. Please stay tuned and may you all have a wonderful day/night wherever you are!

Salaam and Peace. 🙂

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